Australian Psychology Learning and Teaching

First Roundtable

Susan Nolan and Aaron Richmond’s interview: (25 mins).

Overall presentation (1  hr 47 mins)

Innovations in Undergraduate Psychology Innovation

Around 100 Australian psychology educators registered for the first roundtable held on 9th Feb., 2022.


Two recorded presentations by Susan Nolan and Aaron Richmond included overviews of the APA Intro Psych Initiative and the forthcoming APA Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major 3.0.


These were followed by presentations on topics:


  • Themed and renewed introductory psychology offerings” by Associate Professor Matthew Hale;


  • First-year research methods course emphasising the ‘why’ of learning research methods” by Dr Janie Busby Grant;

  • Scaffolding lab report assessments” by Dr Leonie Miller; 


  • A case study of program and curriculum redesign at Monash for the undergraduate psychology major” by Professor Judith Gullifer. 


  • Jacky Cranney also spoke about proposed international psychology major outcomes, plus benefits of STP engagement




Second Roundtable

Overall presentation (1  hr 21 mins).

Assessment in Psychology Education

Around 80 Australian psychology educators registered for the second roundtable held on 4th May, 2022.


  • A/Prof Erich Fein presented about “Implementing Frame-of-Reference (FoR) training to Honours thesis marking“.


  • Dr Carina Chan presented on “Assessing Skills Building and Personal Development Using Portfolio“.


  • A/Prof Katherine Lawrence presented about “Competency-based evaluation tools for training postgraduate psychology students“.


  • Dr Alyssa Sawyer presented about “Investigating standardised assessment of standardised test administration competencies in postgraduate psychology trainees.


Third Roundtable

Cultural Responsiveness

Around 40 Australian psychology educators registered for the third roundtable held on 3rd August, 2022.


The discussion about the Draft annexure to the APAC Evidence guide – Standard 3 Program of study, criterion 3.8 was facilitated by Associate Professor Dawn Darlaston-Jones and Professor Emeritus Tony Machin.

Overall presentation : (1  hr 18 mins).

The 2022 Roundtables included the opportunity to provide feedback about each activity. 


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