Australian Psychology Learning and Teaching

What do psychology students
want and need for their future!?

2023 Conference Committee Chairs: Dr. Emily Lowe-Calverley and Prof Kimberley Norris.

Program | Day 1 | 8 September 2023

Disclaimer: This program is subject to change.

Dr Emily Lowe-Calverley

Acknowledgement of Country and AusPLaT 2023 Welcome Address

Professor Mitch Parsell - UTAS Deputy Vice Chancellor Education
University of Tasmania Welcome Address

Dr Emily Lowe-Calverley: Conference Housekeeping

International Collaboration on Undergraduate Psychology Outcomes (ICUPO) 
[FORUM – 90 mins]

Jacquelyn Cranney,  Susan A. Nolan, Judith Gullifer, Tony Machin, Joanna Alexi, Lorelle Burton, Simone Buzwell, Pat Dudgeon, Amanda George, Chang Liu, Tanya Machin, Karen Marangio, Frances Martin, Sue Morris, Erin O’Connor 

Transitioning psychological practice from face-to-face to Telehealth:
Future training implications for psychologists

[SYMPOSIUM – 60 mins]

Dr James Collison, Dr Simone Mohi, Dr Elly Quinlan, & Dr Josephine Paparo


A cross-disciplinary training model to improve provisional psychologist assessment competencies

[15 mins]

Dr Michael Takagi and Dr Sally Richmond


“See One, Do One, Teach One”: Enhancing Pedagogy in a Postgraduate Professional Psychology Unit

[15 mins]

Dr Josephine Paparo 

How to teach psychology in an engaging way

[WORKSHOP – 30 mins]

Karin Černickaja & Dr Lenka Sokolová

Supplementary learning activities matter more in an online learning context

[15 mins]

Dr Kate Hutton-Bedbrook and Dr Stephanie Roughley

A novel taxonomy of work integrated learning opportunities for psychology undergraduate students

[15 mins]

Dr Annabelle M Neall

Supporting the development of self-regulated learning skills in first-year undergraduates

[15 mins]

Dr Helena Pacitti 

Psychological literacy and psychology education

[SYMPOSIUM – 90 mins]

Professor Jacquelyn Cranney and Professor Tony Machin

Development and Validation of the Test of Psychological Literacy–Revised: Social and Developmental Psychology, and Psychopathology Subscales

Professor Natalie Gasson, Amber Knowles, & Professor Tony Machin 

Aiming to connect psychology with societal issues: Are senior secondary Psychology curricula across Australia up to the task?

Dr Karen Marangio and Prof Alan Reid

Innovating the undergraduate curriculum at Monash University

Prof Judith Gullifer

Theoretical and empirical developments regarding psychological literacy and psychology education.

Jacquelyn Cranney, Sue Morris, Susan A. Nolan, Kim Norris, Jenny Richmond, Caitlin Connolly, Elizabeth Summerell

Is (clinical) psychology relevant for everyone?

[ROUNDTABLE –  60 mins]

Jeneva L. Ohan et al.

Is personal therapy relevant for trainee psychologists in Australia?

[15 mins]

Simone Mohi, Nidhi Jayant, Myen Raga & Joseph Riley-Ward

Psychologist Heal Thyself: The application of ACT – mindfulness training to improve wellbeing in professional psychology interns

[15 mins]

Dr Zoë Hazelwood 

Efforts to decolonise psychology education: Reflections from the AIPEP Community of Practice

[SYMPOSIUM – 90 mins]

AIPEP et al.

Identifying job roles for psychology 3-year graduates: A discussion-based workshop

[WORKSHOP – 60 mins]

Dr Janie Busby Grant & Assoc Prof Amanda George

Factors influencing the theoretical orientations of early career psychologists

[15 mins]

Tom Liao

Would undergraduate psychology students benefit from completing a certificate IV?

[15 mins]

Steve Groves

Work-integrated learning in undergraduate curricula: Where are we and where can we go?

[Roundtable – 60 mins]

Dr Annabelle Neall

Using work-integrated learning to improve service access in a regional community.

[15 mins]

Dr Chelsea Hyde

Tailored education and support for generally registered psychologists in stand-alone Clinical Masters programs.

[15 mins]

Dr Samantha Brown 

Prof Braden Hill | Deputy Vice Chancellor Students, Equity and Indigenous, Edith Cowan University

Indigenising Psychology: How and Why an Intersectional Lens.

At a time when the discipline of psychology is being asked to decolonise and Indigenise, an emergent enthusiasm and energy to do this important work is catching up with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars and practitioners who have been calling for this over a number of decades. Expectations from accrediting bodies, universities, and the broader communities we seek to serve are driving much of this new focus. However, when we examine the exclusion and absence of Indigenous knowledges and practices in the discipline of psychology, we understand how immense this challenge is. Recognising this, we must clarify the ‘how’ in relation to this work, while optimistically (and perhaps naively) assuming the ‘why’ is understood. This talk will reflect on these key questions and challenges in the context of emerging Indigenous/LGBTQA+ research highlighting the importance of change in the way we think about and teach in psychology.

Legend: ♦ Secondary teacher-specific sessions


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