Australian Psychology Learning and Teaching

Second Roundtable for 2024

Title: International Undergraduate Psychology Foundational Competences: Update, Feedback, Relevance?


Background/Update: The aims of the International Collaboration on Undergraduate Psychology Outcomes (ICUPO) are to (a) produce an international foundational psychology competence model for the undergraduate level, now called the International Competences for Undergraduate Psychology (ICUP); (b) encourage consideration of the ICUP Model as a reference model in the creation or revision of undergraduate psychology curricula in local, national, and regional contexts, with the model serving as guidance only; and (c) seek support for this role of the ICUP Model from international, regional and national psychology-relevant organisations and leaders. Since October 2022, the ICUPO Committee (17 members with significant educational leadership experience across 14 nations) has met approximately monthly, with an average of 3 working group meetings in between ICUPO meetings. Through an iterative and inclusive process, keeping in mind the varying aims of undergraduate (UG) psychology programs across nations, ICUPO produced the Alpha.R1 Foundational Competence Model for the UG Level. The Model consists of 24 competence statements grouped under 2 core competence categories, Psychological Knowledge and Psychological Research Methods, and 5 Psychology-relevant competence categories: Values & Ethics, Cultural Responsiveness & Diversity, Critical Thinking & Problem-solving, Communication & Interpersonal Skills, and Personal & Professional Development. During August 2023, the International Reference Group on Undergraduate Psychology Outcomes (IRGUPO; over 100 members from 39 nations) provided highly valuable feedback on the Model, which then led to the Beta version. A cyclic process of broad dissemination, stakeholder engagement to elicit feedback, and revision was then initiated, the current version being Beta.R2.


Aim of this Roundtable: We briefly discuss the relevance to Australian national accreditation and to local innovation. We welcome your feedback regarding the Beta.R2 version. Within a few hours of this Roundtable, a draft Gamma version will be finalised (with revisions based on your and others’ feedback), and considered within a week by the ICUPO Committee, and then finalised for review prior to, and at the International Congress of Psychology (ICP) in July. It is intended that the ICUP Model is finalised soon after that.